We had to accept Liam’s disease, but we didn’t have to like it. We were not going to sit back and hope that something could be done.

In 2001, with the help of family and friends we launched Liam’s Light Charity, in conjunction with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).  To date we have raised over $530,000 for research and care at SickKids:
In 2002 we offered a 2 year research grant into inherited kidney and liver disease to Dr. Norman Rosenblum at The Hospital for SickKids.
•  In May 2006, we officially “cut the ribbon” to the Liam’s Light Step Down Unit on 6A at SickKids. This unit will provide the vital and necessary care for children who have just received organ donations from either kidney, liver, heart, lung or bowel.
•  We also helped fund the Research Scientist for Pamot, Stacey Pollock-Bar Zi. The focus and aim will be on improving quality of life and evaluating outcomes of pediatric multiple organ recipients.
•  In 2008 — Music Therapist program for 6A.
•  2010 — initiate research and care into ARPKD/CHF at SickKids.

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