In 2005, we decided that we wanted to team up with the Pamot Program (Pediatric Academic Multiple Organ Transplant) at the Hospital for Sick Children. Our goal is to support their work in the field of research, clinical and medical support, and social support within transplanted children. This involves all children who may require a kidney, liver, lung, heart or bowel transplant.

The Multi-organ transplant program is focused on providing state-of-the-art care for children from the time they are identified as needing an organ transplant to the long-term management following successful transplantation. With Liam’s Light dedication, the transplant program benefited from the recent creation of a Step Down Unit, not only equipped to care for the most complex, highly acute patients pre and post transplantation but also home to the wonderful illustrations of Michael Martchenko (the illustrator of the Robert Munsch Children’s books).

Looking ahead to the future, there is increasing interest in promoting, enhancing, and developing patient-based research activities in transplantation with the intent of continually advancing knowledge in this field. While current research activities cover a breadth of issues, the focus for the future of Liam’s Light will be to engage research activities that optimize patient outcomes following organ transplantation

With Liam’s Light dedication, the transplant program benefited from the recent creation of a step down unit.
Liam Moore and Michael Martchenko in the Liam’s Light Step Down Unit... well Liam and family in the Liam’s Light Step Down Unit opening.

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